Date: Wednesday February 24th, 2016

Categories: All Video Games / Jams / PC

Drunkula is a PC game that we made with a team of friends in 72 hours for the world wide game jam Ludum Dare. Game jams are an excellent way of forcing yourself to start and finish a game, and I advise any game developer to participate in this and other game jams. Our experience has been fantastic.


Yes the game is short. Yes, there are glitches. But we think that the overall result is more than good for such tight deadline. 🙂
Drunkula is a puzzle adventure about a drunk vampire (because he bit a drunk guy) who wants to get back to his coffin in his castle. You have to help him by clicking objects on the screen. You can also check the game on GameJolt.
There are also a couple of Let’s play videos uploaded by Youtubers, in case you prefer to take a quick look. You can watch one of these here.