Thumbnail for the Breaking Fast Spanish trailer

Spanish version of the trailer

For the last few weeks we’ve been working on adapting the original Breaking Fast trailer to Spanish. Many of our players are Spanish-speaking, and we ourselves are Spanish, so it was only natural to take this step, and we’re really happy with the result.

You can see a little bit about the process in the images below. Our musician  Óliver prepared the material, which boiled down to a recorder and a mic. Saúl, the narrator, watched the video as he interpreted a text which he had adapted to Spanish, by using new expressions and food-related puns.

Preparing the Spanish trailer of Breaking Fast

Preparing the tools to record the voices

Manuela, the Breaking Fast artist, recorded a part of it herself (guess where when you watch the video :P), and we all together recorded one of the most fun parts of the video.

Working on the Spanish trailer

Manuela is recording part of the voice for the trailer

Once we had the recording, our musician mixed the audio. Saúl translated and adapted the on-screen text of the original video, and all this information was sent to Joshua, the trailer’s author (and whom we strongly recommend to work with). Finally, he edited the video and sent it back to us.

You can see the result on Steam (if your browser of client is configured in Spanish), or on Youtube.