Thumbnail for the Breaking Fast Spanish trailer
For the last few weeks we've been working on adapting the original Breaking Fast trailer to Spanish. Many of our players are Spanish-speaking, and we ourselves are Spanish, so it was only natural to take this step, and we're really happy with the result. You can see a little bit about the process in the images below. Our musician  Óliver prepared the material, which boiled down to a recorder and a mic. Saúl, the narrator, watched
After a year and a half of hard work, Breaking Fast is finally on Steam! Enjoy the most delicious races just however you want: alone, with friends and family, or with strangers over the Internet. Also, since we think that it's only fair that everybody can enjoy a good breakfast, we'll be giving part of our benefits to the World Food Programme NGO. Join the Breaking Fast community as we are preparing very cool updates
Gameboss is an annual event held in Zaragoza (Spain) where Spanish developers showcase their games and exchange feedback and opinions about the industry. This 3rd edition has been especially important due to the high number of studios that took part in it, which was probably due to the lack of an admission fee. We had a really nice time sharing thoughts with other developers and attending some of the conferences. Without any doubt, this event is becoming the
This weekend Granada Gaming has been held in Granada (Spain), a video games event that has been co-located with Ficzone 2017, a huge event about comics, board games, cosplay and anime. The event has exceeded all the expectations and the number of visitors has been huge (although I don't know official figures yet). Of course, we've attended this event to show, one more time, Breaking Fast, and for the first time, the whole team was together