Breaking Fast at Granada Gaming 2017

This weekend Granada Gaming has been held in Granada (Spain), a video games event that has been co-located with Ficzone 2017, a huge event about comics, board games, cosplay and anime. The event has exceeded all the expectations and the number of visitors has been huge (although I don’t know official figures yet). Of course, we’ve attended this event to show, one more time, Breaking Fast, and for the first time, the whole team was together in an event.

As usual, people have enjoyed the game quite a lot, and groups of people of all ages have played it and replayed it lots of times, pushing the limits of their friendship at times…

In addition to the networking activities (which included a private group meeting with Akira Yamaoka, composer of Silent Hill), we could also enjoy the nice food (as usual) served in Granada.

As an anecdote, there was a girl who attended the event wearing the official t-shirt of Breaking Fast! She had participated in one of the contests we organized in previous events and she had won. And there she was, exhibiting with pride this t-shirt while playing Breaking Fast. This was a really awesome moment for us!

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