DEMO Day: Closing the Video Games Coworking Program

Las Friday November, 18th we had an open doors day to say goodbye to the video games coworking program in which we have participated for 6 months and financed by the EOI. In this program, we have been mentored on different aspects of the creation of a video games company, from how to create a business or financial plan, to how to implement effective marketing campaigns. We also received some technical workshops, such as 3D modelling, or music and sounds.


During the aforementioned open doors day, the audience could play the games that have been developed along the program, including of course our Breaking Fast. Likewise, professionals in the sector attended and gave talks about the implications of being indie game developers (e.g. typical mistakes), and about game design or UI design.


On our Facebook page you can take a look at some more pictures that we took during the event, and here you can read some news about this day (in Spanish).